Skr’tt – Metalloid Jumpers

Species Name: Skr’tt
Other Names: Jumpers

Home Planet:
Home System:

Physiology: Jumpers are metalloid based life forms. Their skin is harder than that of humans, but their most remarkable physical feature is their complex legs. With backward bending knees and muscle structure similar to a hydraulic spring system, Jumpers can clear several stories with a single jump. Additionally, their hands and feet can produce a magnetic charge strong enough to hold them to the sides of the metal caverns of their home planet. Predators by nature, Jumpers kill their prey by dropping off of cliffs and using their weight and velocity to deliver crushing blows. If that is not enough, they have short but sharp claws that become exposed at the knuckles when a Jumper makes a fist.

Jumpers have trouble talking with other races, not only because of their predatory nature, but also due to their constricted vocal chords. Even with universal translation, a Jumper’s speech often sound like metal scratching on metal or a metallic hum.

Culture: Skr’tt organize themselves into loose packs. Those who show the most hunter prowess become the leaders of their pack, while those who lose prey for the pack are likely to be killed or maimed and left for dead. Despite their bestial nature Jumpers are just as intelligent as other races. While many of their species live a nomadic lifestyle, following game trails and migratory paths, numerous cities dot the planet carved into the metallic cliff faces. Some Jumpers have even taken to the stars in crafts of their own, often traveling in small groups of fighter ships instead of the large cruisers of other aggressive races.

Culture Aspects:
Metalloid Life form
“Hydraulic” Spring-like Legs
Natural Magnetic Charge
Hunter in Metal Caverns
Leader of the Pack
Trouble Communicating with Other Species

Good at: Quick, Forceful, Instinct

Bad at: Flashy, Diplomacy, Weapons


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