Namora – The Funeral System

The Funeral System

The Funeral System, as it has come to be known, contains a series of planets and satellites that are all dedicated to the industry and art of funereally. Central to this industry are the numerous “death planets” where the dead of numerous species are entombed. These planets all orbit a dim, but hot White Dwarf star.

System Aspects:
Intergalactic Place of Mourning


Namora is one of the Funeral System’s death planet. The most pristine of the planets, it is also the most expensive and well guarded. Space within Namora’s crypts are reserved for only the most important, wealthy, influential, and revered races and individuals in the galaxy.

Planet Aspects:
Unbelievably Expensive
Well Guarded Crypts
Pristine and Manicured

Deep Six

Deep Six is a station orbiting at a fair distance from all other stations and planets in the system. It is considered one of the least desirable establishments in the Funeral System. Regardless, it never lacks for customers.

Deep Six might best be described as the funeral systems junkyard. Bodies that are denied space on the death planets are sent to the station, while those with no currency or no reverence for the dead may travel there first. Deep Six harvests the deceased for usable parts – be it needed organs or the various valuable elements and chemicals bodies give up as they are burned, ground, dissolved, or otherwise dissected.

Planet Aspects:
Dead Body Chop Shop
No Money, No Dignity


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