Pluoan – Rainwatchers

Species Name: Pluoan
Other Names: Rainwatcher

Home Planet: Pluo

Home System:

Physiology: Pluoans, or Rainwatchers, have bluish-grey waxy skin that repels the water and rain that is ever-present on their home planet. They are thin, muscular and completely hairless. While it may be surprising to some, Rainwatchers are neither amphibious or even particularly good swimmers, preferring their engineered buildings to the risk of drowning in the swirling depths of Pluo’s waters.

Culture: The Rainwatchers are a observant and pondering group. A common practice among them is to sit with one’s head uncovered in the rain and meditate. Rainwatchers typically dress in tightly wrapped underclothing, with the men bare-chested. Over this they wear large, hooded coats and cloaks. There is little status to be had in Pluoan society as fabricator of clothing, and what artistry there exists in apparel is generally found only the embroidery of a Rainwatcher’s coat.

Two industries represent the bulk of the economy of Pluo: architecture and terra-botany. Rainwatcher construction is renown for its ability to withstand the harsh environments that may be present on other worlds. On their own homeworld, methods have been developed for anchoring buildings in the silty sea bottom underneath the ever-present waters. Rainwatcher buildings have a signature style of circular or ovoid pods clustered together; these clusters are located atop wide, slanted disks that serve as the grounds for the particular building represented by the collection of pods. Pluoan music is an extension of their architectural; open-air rooms are built in such a way that rain striking surfaces and running down pipes creates rich and rhythmic music.

Terra-botany is the process by which plants are used to terraform planets. Several terra-botany mega-corporations. Giant lily pads, hardy plankton, and other native plants that were high-oxygen producers and fast water purifiers jump-started the industry, but now the three major terra-botany companies on the planet are each galactic leaders in cultivating plants from across known space , exploring and recovering new plant species, and genetically engineering improved cultivars. These mega-corporations are in fierce competition with each other, and fiercely protect their trade secrets from spies from Pluo and off-world. While terra-botany may take longer than some of the technological terraforming options offer by other planets, terra-botany promises to provide a stable and sustainable ecosystem after the initial colonizing period has ended.

Culture Aspects:
Innate Sense of Architecture
From a Planet of Constant Rain
Works in the Terraforming Industry
Protecting Trade Secrets
Watchful and Observant
Schooled in Pan-galactic Terra-botany

Good at: Mechanics, Thinking, Careful

Bad at: Quick, Forceful, Weapons


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