Sanctuarian – Militant Pacifists

Species Name: Sanctuarian
Other Names: People of Sanctuary

Home Planet: Sanctuary

Home System:

Physiology: While many different species may be found among those who have claimed Sanctuary as their home, the native population is near human.

Culture: Those who have visited Sanctuary tell of it’s spiraling architecture, lavish gardens and fountains, and the robustness of its technological infrastructure. What Sanctuary is most known for, however, its its fierce isolationism and militarized pacifism.

Sanctuary is founded on the principal that any being may choose to live by their strict code of pacifism and we welcomed onto the planet, but the offer of Sanctuary is made only once. Those who break this code are expelled from the planet and barred from ever returning. Those who leave the planet after being offered sanctuary are barred from ever returning. Native Sanctuarians are permitted to leave the planet to explore the galaxy once. These explorers may be offered sanctuary on their return. Afterwards they are under the same requirements as all others.

Sanctuary is a planet equipped with highly advanced technology, including powerful weapons that allow them to ensure their security. The planet is surrounded by an elaborate shield system that prevents large ships from entering orbit, prevents attacks from penetrating to the planet’s surface, and is capable of generating EMP pulses against unauthorized entrants into the atmosphere.

Politics are very important on Sanctuary. Political leaders are elected to their positions, in which they serve for life or until they are elected to a higher office. Political leaders are barred from direct campaigning, leading them to development shrewd political skill in order to achieve the same results. Sanctuarian leaders negotiate rarely with other planets and have little need to, which has put them at odds with the GSTC which sees Sanctuary as a planet in direct opposition to their regulatory power.

Culture Aspects:
Militant Pacifist
Resistant to GSTC Rule
Shrewd Politician
Cannot Return to Sanctuary
Shield Technician
Anyone can Claim Sanctuary… Once

Good at: Forceful, Diplomacy, Tech

Bad at: Pilot, Flashy, Quick


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